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Pablo Somonte Ruano


Pablo Somonte Ruano (Mexico City, 1992). Multimedia worker, filemaker and cryptoexplorer.

I'm interested in topics in the intersection of technology, design and society: generative systems, moving images, participation, free software, cryptography and p2p networks.

Right now I'm working in deriva.mx a transmedia project approaching structural violence in Mexico through cinema and interaction. I also teach a university course at CENTRO, Networks and Systems: Politics and Economics. Download the study plan and the class presentations (in spanish).

I also make music, for my personal project Párvulos and sometimes for commissioned work. Download my EP: Palabra, recently released in VAA (Varios Artistas).

Social networks: personal instagram, instagram for herramienta.digital, twitter, github.

Download my CV.

Write me at x@pablo.sx

DERIVA.MX News | 2017

Generative video piece for the collective exhibition Fábulas sin Moraleja: El desbordamiento de la corrupción en México. (Fables without morals: The overflow of corruption in Mexico) that appropriates the language of traditional T.V. news but utilizes material from DERIVA.MX’s archive.

Casa del Lago, UNAM, Mexico City, from october 2017 to february 2018. Curated by: Víctor Palacios and Irving Domínguez.

Tools: HTML5, css, javascript, video.

DERIVA.MX News is a generative video piece that appropriates the spatial and temporal language of traditional television news and substitutes it with material from DERIVA.MX’s open archive and material from the public who wishes to participate. The news channel goes through different sequences of montage which imitates those from television, with 3, 90 seconds sections of advertisement (white or unused street advertisement spaces) every 8 minutes in order to complete the approximate 30 minute cycle before repeating.

The material combinations will be different each time. The installation was open to participation from the public, to send new materials to the news channel. Additionally, as stated by the State, an additional 30 minutes a day must be subjected to State control. (last 30 minutes show patriotic imagery from the archive).