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Pablo Somonte Ruano


Pablo Somonte Ruano (Mexico City, 1992). Multimedia worker, filemaker and cryptoexplorer.

I'm interested in topics in the intersection of technology, design and society: generative systems, moving images, participation, free software, cryptography and p2p networks.

Right now I'm working in deriva.mx a transmedia project approaching structural violence in Mexico through cinema and interaction. I also teach a university course at CENTRO, Networks and Systems: Politics and Economics. Download the study plan and the class presentations (in spanish).

I also make music, for my personal project Párvulos and sometimes for commissioned work. Download my EP: Palabra, recently released in VAA (Varios Artistas).

Social networks: personal instagram, instagram for herramienta.digital, twitter, github.

Download my CV.

Write me at x@pablo.sx

Calculator of Death | 2018

Floral representation of value relations between elements from the economy of death and the protection of life.

Colective exhibition: ZONA MACO Contemporary Art Fair 2018 | Design section.

Tools: Photography, Processing.

The Calculator of Death is a generative software that parametrically produces different kinds of flowers that function as the units of measure for a value comparison with things designed to protect life. In the posters, an assault rifle specially designed and produced by the Mexican Armed Forces to fit the ergonomics of Mexican soldiers is used for comparison. This rifle is called the FX - 05 Xiuhcóatl (Fire Serpent in Nahuatl).

A series of eight 1.50m x 1.0m posters were generated, each with a set of almost two thousand different flowers.