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Pablo Somonte Ruano


Pablo Somonte Ruano (Mexico City, 1992). Multimedia worker, filemaker and cryptoexplorer.

I'm interested in topics in the intersection of technology, design and society: generative systems, moving images, participation, free software, cryptography and p2p networks.

Right now I'm working in deriva.mx a transmedia project approaching structural violence in Mexico through cinema and interaction. I also teach a university course at CENTRO, Networks and Systems: Politics and Economics. Download the study plan and the class presentations (in spanish).

I also make music, for my personal project Párvulos and sometimes for commissioned work. Download my EP: Palabra, recently released in VAA (Varios Artistas).

Social networks: personal instagram, instagram for herramienta.digital, twitter, github.

Download my CV.

Write me at x@pablo.sx

Maps: Intersection | 2014

Speculative cartography exercise in which a pair of colonies from Mexico City are intersected to create a new one.

Collective exhibition: ZONA MACO Contemporary Art Fair 2014 | Design section.

Collective exhibition: Malla Pictórica, from Batalla de ojitos 2018.

Tools: Processing.

Maps: Intersection is an exercise of speculative cartography in which a pair of colonies from Mexico City are intersected to create a new one. In this action, the areas occupied by buildings in each colony are intersected to create a new urban layout.

To continue speculating on the characteristics of this eight new territories, an average of the Human Development Indexes from the two colonies is calculated. This is a measure taken in the census by the local government and calculated at the Colony level.