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Pablo Somonte Ruano


Pablo Somonte Ruano (Mexico City, 1992). Multimedia worker, filemaker and cryptoexplorer.

I'm interested in topics in the intersection of technology, design and society: generative systems, moving images, participation, free software, cryptography and p2p networks.

Right now I'm working in deriva.mx a transmedia project approaching structural violence in Mexico through cinema and interaction. I also teach a university course at CENTRO, Networks and Systems: Politics and Economics. Download the study plan and the class presentations (in spanish).

I also make music, for my personal project Párvulos and sometimes for commissioned work. Download my EP: Palabra, recently released in VAA (Varios Artistas).

Social networks: personal instagram, instagram for herramienta.digital, twitter, github.

Download my CV.

Write me at x@pablo.sx

Networks and Systems: Politics and Economics

Undergraduate course I teach at CENTRO University.

The course is an analysis of the present times through the study of changes provoked by technology in the contemporary economic and political realms. The objective is to generate an holistic comprehension of this events in its full tecno-political dimension. The course focuses on the study of different information architectures, their governance and their economic model and how this structures translate into forms of social, economical and political interaction between people.

Some of the subjects analyzed at class are: History of free software, (intellectual) property, piracy, open design, technological infrastructure, surveillance capitalism, automation, post-work futures, cryptography, privacy, p2p networks, blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

The final project of the course is the design of the landing page of a speculative organization (company, cooperative, platform, school, space, center, laboratory, hack lab, etc) that utilizes open technology, democratic governance and some cryptoeconomics.

Download the study plan (in spanish).

Download the presentations from class (in spanish):

1: Intro: Nature of digital media
2: History of (free) Software
3: Open design
4: (Intellectual) Property
5: p2p networks
6: Technology and capitalism
7: Technological infrastructure
8: Politics in/of the internet
9: Digital rights and privacy
10: Cryptography
11: Blockchain I
12: Blockchain II
13: Crypto Economics
14: Future technology